Mimi 18K Gold-Plated Earrings
Mimi 18K Gold-Plated Earrings

Mimi 18K Gold-Plated Earrings

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No outfit is complete without a pair of beautiful earrings. These twisted earrings represent the winding spiral of life ūüĆ™‚ú®




Jewelry Main Material
316l Stainless Steel
18K Gold Plated
Free of lead, cadmium, and phthalates, complying with California's Proposition 65 standards


But how does this jewelry keep its 18k gold? 

With the PVD Coating Process!
Our waterproof Artemis Earrings use a coating process called PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition to coat the chain in gold. This is the most premium, modern coating process available to resemble a solid gold chain. 

Why do we love it?
  • Gold PVD coating can be¬†10 times thicker¬†than standard gold plating!
  • PVD is a¬†vacuum coating¬†process that produces a brilliant decorative and functional finish.¬†
  • PVD utilises a titanium nitride that provides an extremely durable coating that makes our jewellery resistant to corrosion from sweat and regular wear than the gold plating.
The best part? The PVD process doesn’t limit the recycling value of the stainless steel. Plus, no polluting substances are produced and no toxic residues from any stage of the process exist to poison our planet. PVD is safe, clean, super efficient and environmentally friendly.